Who is LX Concept

LX Concept is active in marketing and promotion. Our 360° business for A-brand companies is focused on:
- Graphic Design
- Custom made marketing actions
- Brand building
- Displays and Packaging
- Market introductions
- 3D rendering and Computer Generated Images (CGI)

The company is innovative and brings new ideas of communication to clients, from concept to final product communication. We react quickly to new market situations and trends using our creativity, developments and cost effective productions in Europe and the Far East.
Our clients operate in different business sectors: Fast moving consumer goods, Pharmaceutical, real estate, diamonds industry, construction, Food industries, Electronic consumer goods, etc.

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We don’t sell, we make people want to buy !


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Our Services

We provide all types of services, such as Graphic design, Illustrations, Web design, Marketing strategy, Consulting... We offer you a full service, and deliver a final product in front of you.

Web Design

We provide you with best solution web pages. A company website is your business-card and the first impression. Don’t mess with this important quality label!

Graphic Design

Graphic design is most important thing for your company, and we have a years of experience to provide you with that service.
Yes, LX Concept designers are awesome!


Your marketing plan: Evolution or Revolution?
Need to achieve better results? On the lookout for new ideas, or a clever way to roll out a solution or a change? Hungry for creative ideas? Need to launch a new or innovative project? Looking for an ad interim Marketing or Project Manager? You need help to start up a marketing department? Contact our Marketing Consulting Management to find out how we can help.
  • Knowing Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign… or any other graphic program is important.

    But the most important part is , …having a good IDEA!